Frequently Asked Question about Plant Based and Whey Protein
Frequently asked questions
What differs FS1 from other supplements?

At FS1 Nutrition, we have set our focus at analyzing the protein market to understand what customers are looking.

We have developed a natural, performance-enhancing protein product that does cause very little to no negative side effects, unlike many of our competitors products.

Thanks to our innovative basis, high digestibility and low intolerance coming with a high nutrition profile is the result.

How do I consume FS1 products for the best results?

Our extensive testing has shown that taking our performance supplements before and after exercise can be an effective way to support muscle growth and recovery.

According to our case studies, the best results are typically seen when the protein is taken 30 minutes before or directly after after your workout.

Is FS1 a sustainable brand?

Our products in the vegan line, such as VEGAN UP protein and Daily Nutrients, are based on 100% GMO-free vegetable protein. Through the usage of sweet potatoes in our products, which are grown under Global GAP standards we create job opportunities and promote sustainability. In addition to our vegan offerings, we accommodate diverse needs with a whey protein option, ensuring health-conscious and socially responsible products for various fitness journeys.

Is FS1 being sold in stores?

For now FS1 products are exclusively sold on our web shop, or via exklusive certified resellers.
We are offering the option to become a reseller. For applications, please E-mail us here: partners@fs1nutrition.com

How long does shipment take?

If your order is placed before 17:00 PM at your local time, the product will be shipped on the same day.
Usual delivery then takes between 2-3 working days for Germany & The Netherlands.

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