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Vegan Up - 100% Plant Based Protein
Vegan Up - 100% Plant Based Protein
Vegan Up - 100% Plant Based Protein
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A plant-based performance protein crafted for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Loaded with protein and amino acids from sweet potato, it supports peak performance, health, and muscle growth. Enjoy flavors like Vanilla Supreme and Banana Breeze, all while nourishing your active lifestyle. Each shake delivers at least 25g of protein, staying low in calories and fat.

Our blend is not just nutritious, but also delicious, with no added sugars. It's a good source of dietary fiber and essential nutrients like calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin A. VEGAN UP PROTEIN - your 100% vegan fuel for optimal performance.

Frequently Asked questions
What is Vegan Plant Based Protein?

Vegan Plant-Based Protein is perfect for those on a vegan diet or reducing animal products. In our product it is paired with the superfood sweet potato for a rich nutritional profile.

How can FS1's Vegan Plant Based benefit me?

Our Vegan Up Protein is a rich, natural source of muscle building essential protein and nutrients, expertly crafted to fuel your healthy lifestyle.

What are the best sources of Vegan Plant Based Protein?

Plant-Based Proteins can come from various sources such as soy, beans or rice. We use GMO-free soy, providing a complete amino acid profile in one convenient package.

How can I incorporate more Plant-Based Vegan Protein into My Diet?

Besides consuming our plant-based protein post and pre-workout, you can make delicious pancakes and smoothies with our nutrient packed protein. For delicious recipes please visit our blog.

Can I build Muscle effectively with Vegan Plant Based Protein as a Vegan Athlete?

Absolutely! Our plant-based protein is designed to support muscle growth and recovery. Packed with all essential amino acids, minerals and antioxidants it's an excellent choice for vegan athletes.

How is Vegan Plant Based Protein from FS1 Nutrition going to benefit my Performance?

Besides muscle growth with protein and amino acids and recovery from minerals and antioxidants, its natural nutrient sources such as complex carbs promote sustained energy, enhancing your fitness journey.

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