FS1 @FIBO 2023

Hello FS1 Community!


A Burst of Energy from Cologne

Fresh from the vibrant city of Cologne, we're buzzing with energy from our amazing adventure at FIBO 2023 - Europe's largest fitness, wellness, and health gathering! Amidst a global range of fitness innovation covering a massive 160,000 m², with over 1,105 exhibitors and 145,000 visitors from 133 countries, FS1 made an impact that reverberated throughout the venue.


FS1 Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple - top-notch fitness nutrition is the key to unlocking exceptional athletic performance. And this message resonated loud and clear with a crowd that was as diverse as it was fitness-savvy.


The Star Attraction: VEGAN UP

Our star attraction was VEGAN UP - our one-of-a-kind vegan protein supplement, powered by the superfood punch of sweet potato. We proudly shared over 2,000 samples of this unique protein concoction. The delicious taste coupled with its promise of enhanced performance captured the hearts (and taste buds!) of attendees.


Spectacular Feedback

The feedback? Nothing short of spectacular. Fitness buffs, pro athletes, and industry big names alike were positively surprised as they discovered that our vegan, sweet potato-infused protein supplement could indeed go toe-to-toe with traditional proteins, and even outdo them!


More Than a Showcase

But FIBO 2023 was so much more than just showcasing our revolutionary protein supplement. It was a celebration of our commitment to going beyond the ordinary. It was about connecting with like-minded people who share our passion for inventive, high-nutrition fitness solutions. And the moment of pure joy, watching faces light up as they experienced the tasty delight of VEGAN UP? Priceless.


Connections and Collaborations

We also had the opportunity to forge solid B2B connections that will help us propel our top-tier products even further. Plus, we connected with influencers and welcomed a host of potential brand